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5 creative ways to advertise your business with display printing

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There are so many amazing, creative ways that display printing can help advertise your business.

Especially when complemented by an online strategy, offline display printing that carries your brand’s message, is eye-catching and creative across a variety of formats can really get your brand noticed.

Here are five display printing solutions that we think can benefit any and every business:

1: Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands are a great example of telling a brand narrative through display printing. By working with a creative partner who understands your brand message, you can create a really effective journey at trade shows with engaging and interactive exhibition stands that not only tell your story, but how you can help solve prospects’ problems.

2: Vehicle wraps

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to advertise your business simply by taking to the road. With clear graphics and using vinyl, a vehicle wrap can communicate more effectively than a spray job as well as being more cost-effective. It is also more effective than paint, can be removed at will and is weatherproof. Vehicle wrapping never fails to grab attention when on the move.

3: Reboard

If you want to show that your brand is eco-conscious and doing everything in its power to reduce its carbon footprint, then reboard is a great, highly-effective material to consider. Strong and sturdy, it’s a fantastic display alternative to plastic displays and other POS sales solutions, is recyclable, and can be crafted in a huge number of imaginative ways to advertise your business.

4: Window and wall displays

There are so many amazing ways to get strong, creative graphics on the walls and windows of your shop to draw people in, advertise offers, direct people online and more. Vinyl is a great material to do so, frosted vinyl is good for windows, while acrylic graphics can also be installed. Each method provides incredible graphical clarity and can suit any budget.

5: Building wraps

For larger scale projects or projects that are in the construction phase, building wraps are a great way to advertise the building, the business, local points of interest, online destinations and more, whilst also working to keep the public and employees safe. This is also effective on a smaller scale too through exhibition panels surrounding the construction project.

Find out more about the amazing ways display printing can help attract a brand new audience to your business by speaking to the Image Group today!


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