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3 ways that exhibition stands can help you generate leads at trade shows

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If you want to get yourself noticed at trade shows then exhibition stands can be a key way to magnify your presence, set yourself apart from the competition and attract more relevant footfall.

Some just like to have basic exhibition stands adorned with their company logo. That’s missing something of a trick though; the more time, care and creative flair that your stand has, the more chance it has of attracting leads to your stand, especially those at the event that you have serious designs on interacting with and turning into partners and customers.

Creative exhibition stands should be a key part of your wider trade show lead generation strategy, and the more effort you put into making your stand the best it can be, the more chance you have of attracting the people who matter to you the most.

So, what three key aspects of your stands do you need to focus on most to help boost your trade show lead generation strategy?

1: Create a journey for your audience

Some people think it’s enough to just have a stand to attract people. All well and good, but is it working to your advantage? When constructing your exhibition stands, it pays to consider the space you’re working with on the day and what you have asked your staff to do.

Is there a place for someone to base themselves to specifically collect consensual visitor information, for instance? Where are your assets going to located in your stand? Can visitors find the person they need or materials as soon as they enter your space? Factors like this are essential to collect more relevant leads.

2: How accessible is your stand?

Carrying on from the first point, has your stand been created to consider the needs of visitors and their needs when they visit you at a trade show? Is there comfortable seating for them and snacks if you plan on talking to them for a long time? Are your exhibition stands complemented with pamphlet stands and other complementary stalls?

3: Is it telling your brand’s story?

There will be a lot of specialist competition at your trade show, and you need to set yourself apart visually to attract the best leads. Think beyond logos and testimonials; let your stand tell the story of your brand with visual calls to action such as completed projects, team members, values, ethics and more to tell the story of your brand and what you stand for in creative ways.

Find out more about trade show lead generation and how your exhibition stand can help set you apart from the competition by speaking to the Image Group today.


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