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3 amazing ways tray signs help your business stand out

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Tray signs are an incredible business investment when compared against other signage solutions.

Also known as pan signs, they’re a favourite with businesses for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest reasons why tray signs are popular, though, is the stunning way they help brands stand out against the local competition.

But how can a pan sign help catch the eye of passers-by and entice them to visit your shop? Here are 3 ways that tray signs can help you and your business stand out in your local community:

1: Tray signs are both stunning and prominent

A tray sign’s main feature is that it’s raised. It’s a three-dimensional take on your branding and logo, and sticks out prominently from your shop front to let people know you exist, and offers something different from traditional flat signage that most other shops around you are likely to have.

Pan signs don’t just look good because they’re raised, though. Sure it offers something aesthetically pleasing, but when paired with the right creative partner, your signs can reach another level. They can be illuminated, use various different materials, be illuminated and more to really catch the eye.

2: Pan signs can be weatherproofed

More traditional flat signage made from materials like wood can carry some risks. One of the biggest risks is their exposure to the elements; wooden signs can quickly show wear and tear in poor conditions – you may have experienced it yourself in the cruel British winter months…

Tray signs can be weatherproofed to beat the elements, though, and protect your investment for longer. They can be covered in vinyl, for instance, without compromising on design and quality, ensuring you have an incredible sign for your business, whatever the weather.

3: They aren’t just for outdoors

You may think a tray sign is simply something that can mounted above your entrance. Not at all; they can be mounted anywhere and everywhere, and come in all shapes and sizes. That means they’re also a great option for highlighting departments and providing directions inside your business, too.

Why not have an amazing looking pan sign at reception to warmly greet your visitors? If you’re a larger organisation, signs can be mounted on your walls to help people find their way around your office, and can also be used in retail spaces to point out where certain products and offers can be found.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of tray and pan signs by speaking to the Image Group’s creative experts today!


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