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  • Adam

    Adam Mooney

     - Production Shift Manager

    Adam says he's the "Main Guy" here at Image! He works in our sales team as an account manager, but having worked in most departments he has vast experience of the business.

    Being 6'4" it's hard to miss him, and he's got the personality to match! He's a typical short tempered Aries but has an awesome sense of humour and can often be found making his colleagues laugh.

    He's also a big Ibiza fan #ladsontour.

    Favourite Film - Forrest Gump

    Random Fact - Putting your socks on before your undies is the weirdest thing

    When I'm not at Image - What?

  • Adele

    Adele Lumsdon

     - Sales Manager

    Adele is a retired holiday rep resigned to the life of the printing world. She joined the Image Group in 2011 as an account manager but has now taken on the role of our sales office manager.

    She gets involved in jobs from start to finish, quoting, researching new products and looking for new ideas, purchasing materials, agreeing production time-scales and managing customer’s expectations.

    She likes how we are able to offer such a wide range of work which keeps the days & the enquiries more interesting.

    You will find her playing hockey most weekends for Stockport ladies where her mouth generally does more work than her legs but it keeps her active and out of trouble.

    Random Fact - One in five coffee mugs contact faecal bacteria and E-coli which causes diarrhoea, food poisoning and infections…. And my colleagues still wonder why I am always cleaning !!

    When I’m not at Image - I like to use meditation and relaxation exercises to handle the effects of a stressful day… Just kidding.. I drink wine!!

    Most likely to - Use sarcasm in my online profile as a deviation from the fact that I don’t know what to write about myself.

  • Alan

    Alan Gregory

     - Pre-production Team

    Al pre-presses customer's supplied artwork, adjusting and amending where necessary to facilitate the customer receiving the best quality product.

    Alan didn't want his true photo shown on the site as he's wanted by several government agencies in connection with playing loud music at unearthly hours and excessive twerking.

    Random Fact - House Flies 'hum' in the key of F and can taste with their feet

    Favourite Animal - the Stoat

    Prized posession - My collection of stamps

  • Andy W

    Andy Williamson

     - Production Team

    Andy (AKA "Big Man") is part of our Production Team running the printers here at Image and has been with the company for nearly 10 years.

    Outside of work he likes to travel and spend time with his family. He's a pretty quiet guy in work but get a few beers in him and there's no shutting him up!

    Couldn't live without - Food - he loves to eat!

    When I'm not at Image - He likes going to the gym and Thai Boxing which he's currently training to compete.

    Random fact - He's got a degree in Graphic Design from Blackpool & the Fylde college.

  • Angelina

    Angelina Slane

     - Design and Pre-production Team

    Born in Hong Kong, Angelina has one younger brother & sister. She spent her childhood in sunny Bolton so has inherited a strong Boltonian accent. She met her husband Mark on a dark night at the well known Ritzy night club 13 years ago and she's now a working mum of 2 to Brandon & Lily.

    Angie is our resident baker and regularly feeds her colleagues with baked delights.

    "Life is enjoying what you do & the company along the way. Be grateful for what you have."

    Couldn't live without - My children and family

    Guilty pleasure - When the house is asleep, to sneak downstairs and watch a good thriller or drama with a cuppa tea.

    Least likely to - Have a steak - she was vegetarian for over 17 years until she was pregnant with her first. Now she'll eat chicken / fish.

  • Anthony

    Anthony Wagstaff

     - Logistics Team

    "Waggy" looks after our retail logistics here at Image.

    When not in work he likes watching sport and playing squash for Hyde cricket and squash club.

    First Record - Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf

    Couldn't live without - 1st - his son, 2nd - Squash, 3rd - Football, 4th - his wife

    Pet hate - X Factor and BGT (any TV that isn't sport)

  • Ben C

    Ben Crosby

     - Sales Team

    Ben works as one of our account managers in the sales team.

    Outside of work, he enjoys watching and playing football, listening to all types of music, soul and blues, hip hop. Loves most genres as long as it’s good music!

    First Record - Michael Jackson - History, past, present and future

    Favourite films - Leon, The Professional, Pulp Fiction

    Favourite Quote - "Knowledge is key, keys open doors"…Jarnz Zolz

  • Ben H

    Ben Holloway

     - Installation Team

    Has been working with Image for over 10 years and is a valuable part of the installation team. He's got a reputation for getting the job done and likes to make sure everything is millimetre perfect before signing off on his work.

    Outside of Image he is snowboarding obsessed, likes his gadgets and also loves to do a bit of photography. Most of the photos on the site are his work!

    Random Fact - Ben owns more tools than his local branch of B&Q

    Favourite Film - Blade Runner

    First Record - Kim Wilde - Kids in America

  • Bob

    Bob Crick

     - Production Manager

    Bob is our Production Manager and all round super hero at Image Group.

    When not in work he enjoys walking the dog, playing and watching football, spending time with the family and going out for meals. His nickname is "Wrecking Ball' as this term reflects his running style on the football pitch.

    Favourite TV Show - Fringe

    When I'm not at Image - I’m thinking about Image

    Couldn't live without - My phone

  • Brian F

    Brian Finch

     - Joinery and Workshop Manager

    Brian manages our incredible team of joiners, fabricators, painters and installers. He's been in the exhibition industry for over 30 years and still likes the fact that there's always a different challenge every day.

    His spare time is taken up with buying and selling military items and running a small World War 2 museum.

    His favourite expression is "if it's not wood, it's not good".

    Least likely to - Buy the first round

    Pet Hate - All reality TV, and most of the rest of it!

    Prized Possession - His military collection

  • Brian M

    Brian McGuinness

     - Joinery Department
  • Carl

    Carl Booth

     - Joinery Team

    Carl has worked in all aspects of Joinery for well over 20 years.

    An all rounder with a huge range of projects and some very weird looking shorts under his belt.

    Outside of Image he enjoys playing rugby and socialising with family and friends.

    First Record - Police - Message in a bottle

    When I'm not in Image - Carl likes to spend time with his family when he's not rearranging other people's bones on the rugby field.

    Favourite TV show - Match of the Day

  • Charlie

    Charlie Platt

     - Joinery Team

    Charlie is one of our mega talented joiners and all round superstars here at Image.

    For holidays he likes Andorra in the winter and Benidorm in the summer. In between he gets to see family, has a few beers and likes to watch football at the Etihad.

    Desert Island Discs - Guns 'n' Roses - use your illusion • Ramones • Led Zeppelin

    Pet Hate - TV soaps like Eastenders & Corrie, Reality Shows (any of them) & boy racers.

    Couldn't live without - Football

  • Clayton

    Clayton Myott

     - Sales and Account Management Team

    Having served his apprenticeship in the production team, Clayton has recently taken up a sales and account manager's role. Willing, ambitious, eager to learn and even keener to succeed, he's the man to trust when your deadline can't be missed.

    Clayton likes to listen to music and watch football... City of course. Also in his spare time he tries to save the world on his crime fighting motorbike (street hawk?).

    Couldn't live without - Oxygen

    When I'm not at Image - He's sleeping or getting ready to be at Image. #LoveImage

    Random Fact - He can do back flips

  • Craig C

    Craig Cottrell

     - Joinery Team

    Footie Team - Manchester City Football Club

    Weird fact - From a speeding train bears a more than passable resemblance to Johhny Depp

    Pet hate - United fans talking about 'the good old days"

  • Craig M

    Craig Mills

     - Production Team

    Craig works in our production team running, managing and some would say 'loving' our suite of large format Vutek printers.

    Outside work he enjoys walking the dog, visiting one or two (or more) pubs and socialising with friends and family.

    Also a mad Man City fan, regular marathon runner with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

    Favourite TV - Anything on sport channels

    When I'm not at Image - He likes getting away in his caravan

    Random fact (According to Craig) - He's a baby faced ninja.

  • Damian

    Damian Gibbon

     - Painting & Joinery Team

    Footy Team - City of course...

    10 things I love - City City City City City City City City City City

    10 things I hate - United.... you can guess the rest!

  • Dan

    Dan English

     - Joinery and Fabrication Team

    Favourite pastime - Twanging

    Random fact - Can make anything out of metal

    Couldn't live without - My grinder, blow torch, welding kit, pipe bender............

  • Daniel

    Daniel Fleming

     - Pre-production Manager

    Dan joined the group in 1998. In the ensuing sixteen years he has morphed into the all round genius and provider known as 'Dan the Man'. Proficient in graphic design, pre-press, software development, 3D animation and rendering, photography, web design, being a top bloke and... awwww hell, pretty much anything he puts his mind to... he manages to pull it off. He's just one of those annoying people that can do that.

    Desert Island Discs - Definitely Maybe by Oasis, Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay & My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

    Most likely to - be the first one to the cookies and cakes on someones birthday

    Most prized possession - A signed football from the 1994 Manchester United team.

  • Danny

    Danny Hembrough

     - Production Team

    Danny is a shy sort and wasn't keen for his photo to be taken, hence the Phil Mitchell photo. It’s not a bad resemblance and they’re also similar in that they’re both “lads”. The main differences being that Danny smiles more, doesn't run a garage in Albert Square and he does’t have a twin brother.

    He’s also a big united fan and he likes his ale.

    Favourite Film/TV Show - Eastenders

    When I’m not at Image - I enjoy playing Phil Mitchell in Eastenders

    Most Prized Possession - My BAFTA award for best actor

  • Darren

    Darren English

     - Joinery and Fabrication Team

    Favourite pastime - Twanging

    Weird fact - Does not know how to operate a photocopier but could design and make one without any drawings

    Proudest moment - Designing, fabricating, building and installing a 5m diameter blue moon sculpture in the VIP atrium at the new Etihad Stadium South Stand extension... a stunning masterpiece

  • Dave B

    Dave Brunt

     - Managing Director

    Dave brings over 30 years experience in print, signs, display and exhibition and logistics to the Image Group and to our customers.

    Having served his time through the manufacturing and supply chain, Dave made the transition to Sales Director in 2011 and then Managing Director in 2015.

    Dave enjoys family, football and friends.

    He is a fanatical Manchester United supporter and even fancied himself as David Moyes replacement before the club appointed LVG.

    He is also a bit of a shark at pool and plays for his local pub team.

    Desert Island Discs - Elvis, Michael Jackson and Madonna

    Random Fact - Dave is a qualified amateur football referee

    Prized Possession - Manchester United season ticket

  • Daz

    Daz Cousins

     - Production & Installation Team

    A career professional with over 18 years sign fitting experience.

    Daz is a crucial member of our customer facing installation team bringing flexibility and creative solutions to our customers needs.

    Always calm and guaranteed to apply common sense making your job easier.

    His only drawback is 'those shorts' in the summer months. Thank goodness for the autumn, winter and the spring.

    Favourite sport - Rugby then football

    Least likely to - Panic

    Can't live without - Family and camping

  • Eddie

    Eddie Griffin

     - Production Team

    AKA "super Scouse"

    In work he's lazy, a pain in the butt, cheeky and upsets everyone.... only joking! He's in before anyone, works as hard as anyone and always has a smile for everyone.

    Out of work he plays squash and golf.

    After 20 years you'd think that he would have learned by now and give it up.

    First Record - Frank Sinatra, “Granada” bought at a record shop at the top of “Lanc’y” Hill 40 years ago

    Most likely to say - "If I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through the window."

    Random fact - Has a degree in laughter

  • Gareth

    Gareth Senior

     - Sales Team

    Outside work he is involved heavily with sport, particularly cricket.

    Playing and being a committee member of Denton West Cricket Club takes up a lot of time as well as supporting his beloved Manchester City Football Club.

    In between all that he has three children, 2, 6 and 16 who keep him on his toes!

    Random Fact - When captain of the Lancashire County Cricket league U18’s he captained Michael Atherton

    Couldn't live without - Manchester City Football Club

    First Record - Showaddywaddy "under the Moon of love" - can be persuaded to 'do the dance' from time to time.

  • Gary

    Gary Gibson

     - Painting and Joinery Team

    Gaz is an experienced painter with over 30 years experience in the trade.

    Having worked all over the world on trade shows from America to China he brings a wealth of experience to our team.

    Most likely to - Sing "Blue Moon"

    Little known fact - Has the funniest answer phone message on the planet

    Nickname - "Gibbo"

  • Gill

    Gill Fahy

     - Reception and Administration Team

    Gill has worked for the Image Group for over fourteen years.

    Gill is our receptionist, part of the administration Team and a vital cog in the Image Group family…She's also known as the Rotweiller to some and the laughing policewoman to others. Work that one out if you can?

    Most likely to - Always be giggling, sometimes at the most inappropriate time

    Favourite Film / TV show - Downton Abbey and Celebrity Juice

    Couldn’t live without - My phone

  • Jack L

    Jack Lee

     - Production Team

    Jack is a bit of a dude. He has the look of a male model. Naturally muscular with a killer smile. A really nice bloke.... and his Dad is called 'Bruce' which means he never got bullied at school (for some reason?).

  • Jack N

    Jack Nickeas

     - Production Team
  • James

    James Cavendish

     - IT and Web Manager

    James is our resident and typical computer geek! He keeps all of our computerised cogs oiled and running. When he's not running around fixing computers, he's writing our website content management system and other software to help the company run more smoothly.

    Outside of work, James likes science fiction (no surprise there!), horror and thriller movies, going to the gym and playing the piano. Occasionally he's been known to sing on karaoke but that's just between me and you!

    Favourite music - Anything from classical, funky house, dance, to pop .... but prefers movie soundtracks when working!

    Most likely to - Laugh at really inappropriate moments.

    Pet hate - Supermarkets.

  • Jamie

    Jamie Tetlow

     - Production Team

    The quiet man with the big smile

  • John F

    John Fitzgerald

     - Co-Founder

    John founded The Image Group with Neil Cousins on 1st June, 1998.

    He is very serious and quite sensible most of the time, but now and again he likes a laugh and a beer.

    Usually busy away from work with four young children, John is a qualified Football Association coach and manages a successful junior football team. He likes nothing more than travelling and visiting different places - especially if there is a golf course to en route. Loves Man United but is resigned to their inevitable demise.

    First Record - Blockbuster by Sweet when he was 9 years old

    Most Likely to - Buy the first round

    Favourite TV - Match of the Day

  • Johnny

    Johnny Curran

     - Electrical Team

    John is an electrician, DJ and dog owner.

    He lives in Warrington. Likes dancing, fishing, psychology and yoga.

    Desert Island Disc - You’re my first my last my everything (Barry White), Red Light Spell (Danger) and One Love (Bob Marley)

    Most likely to - Burst in to song

    Couldn't live without - YouTube and his Computer

  • Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Cain

     - Design and pre-production team

    A young, aspiring designer with huge ambition and enthusiasm.

    Kaitlyn loves architecture, especially cathedrals.

    But, saves all her energy for dancing in her spare time.

    Most prized possession - My phone

    Favourite TV programme - Friends

    Favourite colour - Blue of course because I'm City til I die....

  • Kieran

    Kieran Goodwin

     - Pre-Production Team

    Kieran arrived at Image three years ago as an ex Yell major accounts/marketing designer to take up a role in our design studio handling pre-press, latex and dye sub printing.

    He has an expensive habit for old VW’s, and British Classics. He also enjoys a nice bit of heavy metal.

    Desert Island Discs - Lucifers Rocking Chair – Cancer Bats • One – Metallica (all subject to change from hour-to-hour!)

    When I'm not at Image - I can be found attempting to repair/restore my shambling 1930’s house and wishing the weekends were a bit longer

    Pet Hate - Famous for nothing reality TV “Stars”

  • Kyle

    Kyle Egerton

     - Electrical Team

    Kyle is our electrical apprentice and one of the youngest members of our team.

    Fresh faced, hard working and diligent... Kyle is under the careful supervision of master spark Steve Platts.

    Some people say he looks a bit like Harry Styles.

  • Lee

    Lee 'Megadude' Mifsud

     - Production Shift Manager

    LJ works in our Production Team and has recently moved up to assistant production manager taking responsibility for one of our double day shifts.

    He likes music, wearing hats and being generally intelligent.

    Whilst visiting a cemetery recently he commented "Nothing is written in stone".

    First Record - Year 8 long jump

    Random fact - You can tell a lot about a person BTW they use abbreviations

    Desert Island Discs - Soulwax - Nite Versions • Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor • Modeselektor - Happy Birthday!

  • Mark T

    Mark Turner

     - Joinery Team

    A career professional with over 35 years experience in the trade.

    Mark looks a bit like someone from Hollywood or maybe someone off the telly... but we can't quite remember who?

  • Martin

    Martin Curran

     - Production Team

    Martin, being Jonny's brother, joined Image Group in February 2015 so is still fairy new! He's been enjoying getting to grips with the job.

    His hobbies include football coaching, tennis, lying on the beach (the latter being his favourite!)

    Desert Island Discs - Eagles - Greatest hits (1971-1973) • Elvis Presley - Greatest Hits • Billy Joel - Live at LA bowl

    First Record - Adam Faith - What do you want . Bought at a jumble sale for 10d (old money)

    Favourite Film / TV - Film - Shawshank Redemption • TV - The good wife

  • Matt

    Matt Hembrough

     - Production Team

    Matty is a hard working member of our production team.

    When he's not in work he enjoys reading, spending time working on cars, going to the pub with friends and geeking it up playing his PlayStation.

    Random Fact - "I love Lamp" (Brick Tamland from Anchorman)

    Desert Island Discs - Raft Building for Dummys - Narrated by Morgan Freeman • Lupe Fiasco - The cool • Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP

    Favourite Film - Anchorman

  • Michael H

    Michael Houghton

     - Finance and Administration Team

    Michael is a member of our accounts department

    When he isn't glued to the computer screen, he enjoys playing golf with a handicap of 7.

    He is currently studying the accounting qualification, AAT and his TV interests include Football, Rugby League, Snooker and Celebrity Juice.

    Favourite Quote - “The more I practice the 'luckier' I get”

    Favourite Film - Ted

    Couldn’t live without - My good looks and modesty

  • Michael P

    Michael Platt

     - Joinery Team

    Michael is our latest apprentice recruit to our family of joiners.

    Young, fresh faced and eager to learn the ropes.... his education is coming along nicely. Now he just needs to remember how many sugars for Brian, Carl, Charlie, Damo, Gibbo.... etc.

  • Mick

    Mick Lenard

     - Joinery Team

    A time served joiner and craftsman. Mike is the quiet storm who gets his job done to perfection.

    Usually found at the Etihad Stadium delivering a last minute project as if by magic.

  • Mike B

    Mike Burgess

     - Joinery Team

    Mike is an experienced professional with over 25 years in the business.

  • Mike H

    Mike Holmes

     - Sales and Account Management Team

    Mike is part time account manager at Image and full time taxi driver to his son.

    He also is the proud owner of the Image Group Open Tournament Trophy for 2015 / 16 after a spectacular birdie putt on the 14th at Royal Romiley.

    Favourite Film - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Least Likely to - Take life too seriously

    Pet hate - Impatient people at supermarket check-outs and people who mistakenly think sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  • Neil

    Neil Cousins

     - Co-Founder

    With over 35 years experience in design, most print disciplines, signage, display, event management and commercial marketing across a wide range of sectors – Neil founded The Image Group along with John Fitzgerald in 1998. Since then he has overseen the development of the business as a whole.

    An avid Manchester City fan, Neil loves family, friends, footy, food and wine.

    Desert Island Disc - I'm glad I found you - Neil Young

    Favourite place on the planet - Kalami in Corfu

    Favourite Film - Crimes and Misdemeanors – Woody Allen

  • Patsy

    Patsy Furey

     - Reception and Administration Team

    Previously, Patsy has worked in primary schools, Job Centres, family planning, Granada Tours and bar work. She's a valued member of our Accounts and Admin team.

    She enjoys music and dancing, particularly Soul and Motown nights which she goes to regularly.

    Favourite Songs - I say a little prayer, Respect - Aretha Franklin • Cry to Me - Solomon Burke (Song was in Dirty Dancing) • The Fields of Athenry - Mary Duff (Irish ballad)

    Favourite Film - I Walk the Line – Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (Johnny Cash biopic)

    Couldn’t live without - salt and pepper spare ribs – yum!

  • Phil

    Phil Greaves

     - Production & Installation Team

    Phil is a big big blue - Manchester City stamped through and through.

    An experienced sign professional with over 35 years experience. Phil has seen most things and brings a quite, controlled presence to our installation team.

  • Rick

    Rick Jervis

     - Key Accounts and Contracts Manager

    According to Rick, work is not a place to mess around in or to have fun – it’s a place to get things done in clothes bought from Asda George.

    Rick brings an eclectic sense of fashion to the Group including striped shirts, man bags and over size shoes.

    Rick likes to relax by doing cross-stitch or watching "make-over" programmes.

    He also has a great sense of humour!

    Known to his colleagues as the "ginger Roy Keane" for his never say die attitude to all things.

    Interesting Fact - Rick has a degree in Marine Biology!

    When I'm not at Image - Doing DIY

    First Record - Prince Charming : Adam and the Ants

  • Rob

    Rob Bannister

     - Production Team

    Rob recently joined our production team moving over from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea called Sicily. A bit of a mystery man. He says he's left his 'family' to see the world.

    Favourite TV programme - The Sopranos

    Favourite film - The Godfather

    Favourite food - Meatballs in spaghetti

  • Ryan S

    Ryan Simonaitis

     - Joinery Team

    Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team having worked extensively across the exhibition and display industry for over 20 years.

    He also has a surname that is extremely difficult to spell on the first time of asking.

  • Scott

    Scott Wilkinson

     - Electrical Team

    Scott is an important member of our electrical team.

    He's quite, unassuming and actually does look a bit like James Bond.

    Shaken not stirred.

  • Sheridan P

    Sheridan Platts

     - Purchasing Team

    Sheridan is our resident purchasing manager.

    Always looking for good, reliable and trustworthy suppliers.

    Favourite pet - Alfie - my little dog

    Favourite colour - Sky blue like City's home shirt

    Most likely to - Have a gigantic smile

  • Simon

    Simon Youd

     - Design and Pre-production Team

    In work Simon is as cool as a cucumber and gets his head down until his work is done to perfection.

    Outside of work he does as little as possible so as to keep those talented fingers rested.

    Most likely to - be the last one up in the morning

    Couldn’t live without - his Xbox and takeaways

    Random fact - No matter what I eat I never put on a pound!

  • Steve

    Steve Platts

     - Electrical Team

    A career professional electrician who has worked on most things over 35 years. Immaculate, exacting and uncompromising. No excuses for anything less than the best, Steve is sought after and hard to please.

    A big United fan, a dead ringer for Carlos Puyol or is Carlos Puyol a dead ringer for Steve Platts?

    Steve is a big personality and should have appeared on the first episode of 'The Apprentice' because he would have won it hands down and probably would have sacked Sir Alan.

    Desert Island Disc: - American Trilogy - Elvis Presley

    Unknown fact: - A professional DJ, an Elvis impersonator, a first class snow boarder and an all round legend.

    Most likely to: - Ask you do a frog impression so he can go to Florida when you croak.

  • Tim W

    Tim Waterhouse

     - Production Team

    Couldn't live without - Music and cider (lots of it!)

    Random fact - The smell of bleach makes him physically sick

    Pet Hates - Reality shows like X-factor

  • Tom

    Tom Bywater

     - Sales and Account Management Team

    Tom is an experienced sales and account management professional.

    With over 10 years in the industry he's a safe and conscientious pair of hands.

    He loves to play football and moves around the pitch like Eric Cantona.

    That's Eric Cantona in 2015 not Eric Cantona in 1996.

    Favourite thing - Friday lunchtime treats

    Football Team - Man United

    Weird fact - When he hits a golf ball it usually ends up behind him