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Senior Management Team

  • Dave


    Dave brings over 30 years experience in print, signs, display and exhibition and logistics to the Image Group and to our customers. Having served his time through the manufacturing and supply chain, Dave made the transition to Sales Director in 2011 and then Managing Director in 2015. Dave enjoys family, football and friends. He is a fanatical Manchester United supporter and even fancied himself as David Moyes replacement before the club appointed LVG. He is also a bit of a shark at pool and plays for his local pub team.

    Desert Island Discs - Elvis, Michael Jackson and Madonna

    Random Fact - Dave is a qualified amateur football referee

    Prized Possession - Manchester United season ticket

  • John


    John founded The Image Group with Neil Cousins on 1st June, 1998. He is very serious and quite sensible most of the time, but now and again he likes a laugh and a beer. Usually busy away from work with four young children, John is a qualified Football Association coach and manages a successful junior football team. He likes nothing more than travelling and visiting different places - especially if there is a golf course to en route. Loves Man United but is resigned to their inevitable demise.

    First Record - Blockbuster by Sweet when he was 9 years old

    Most Likely to - Buy the first round

    Favourite TV - Match of the Day

  • Neil


    With over 35 years experience in design, most print disciplines, signage, display, branding and commercial marketing across a wide range of sectors – Neil founded The Image Group along with John Fitzgerald in 1998. Since then he has overseen the development of the business as a whole. An avid Manchester City fan, Neil loves family, friends, footy, skiing, horse riding, walking, food and wine... and Alpacas.

    Desert Island Disc - Anything by Neil Young

    Favourite place on the planet - Kalami in Corfu

    Favourite Film - Crimes and Misdemeanors – Woody Allen

Sales and Account Management Team

  • Adele


    Adele joined The Image Group in 2011 having spent the early days of her career as a Holiday Rep in Spain. She's a retired hockey player so can be quite competitive at times, she still likes to keep fit but now has to factor in recovery days. She loves a challenge and that applies to both her personal and work life.

    Prized Possession - Her Friends and Family (Including their dogs… to be honest, the dogs come first!)

    Most Likely to - say or laugh at very inappropriate things.

    When I’m not at Image - She likes to use meditation and relaxation exercises to handle the effects of a stressful day… Just kidding.. she drinks wine!!

  • Ben


    Ben works as one of our account managers in the sales team. Outside of work, he enjoys watching and playing football, listening to all types of music, soul and blues, hip hop. Loves most genres as long as it’s good music!

    First Record - Michael Jackson - History, past, present and future

    Favourite films - Leon, The Professional, Pulp Fiction

    Favourite Quote - "Knowledge is key, keys open doors"…Jarnz Zolz

  • Dave


    Dave is an Image Group veteran having worked here for many years. He's also got a great deal of experience in all aspects of the industry. He likes to listen to music both, new and old, as well as watching football (Manchester United!). He spends his spare time with family and of course his dog! When not at Image he likes to party (when he gets the chance!) and go on holiday.

    Desert Island Discs - The best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Motown 50 and Bob Marley - Legend

    Most Likely To - Do something stupid when drunk

    Couldn't Live Without - Jack Daniels and his Amazon Firestick

  • Gareth


    Outside work he is involved heavily with sport, particularly cricket. Playing and being a committee member of Denton West Cricket Club takes up a lot of time as well as supporting his beloved Manchester City Football Club. In between all that he has three children, 2, 6 and 16 who keep him on his toes!

    Random Fact - When captain of the Lancashire County Cricket league U18’s he captained Michael Atherton

    Couldn't live without - Manchester City Football Club

    First Record - Showaddywaddy "under the Moon of love" - can be persuaded to 'do the dance' from time to time.

  • Mike


    Mike is part time account manager at Image and full time taxi driver to his son. He also is the proud owner of the Image Group Open Tournament Trophy for 2015 / 16 after a spectacular birdie putt on the 14th at Royal Romiley.

    Favourite Film - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Least Likely to - Take life too seriously

    Pet hate - Impatient people at supermarket check-outs and people who mistakenly think sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  • Rick


    According to Rick, work is not a place to mess around in or to have fun – it’s a place to get things done in clothes bought from Asda George or Rick brings an eclectic sense of fashion to the Group including striped shirts, man bags and over size shoes that have a strong smell of creosote. On site visits he has often been mistaken for a lost geography teacher. Rick likes to relax by doing cross-stitch or watching "make-over" programmes. He also has a great sense of humour which is reflected in his wardrobe! Known to his colleagues as the "ginger Roy Keane" for his never say die attitude to all things. Rick is our very own Galactico.

    Interesting Fact - Rick has a degree in Marine Biology!

    When I'm not at Image - Doing DIY

    First Record - Prince Charming : Adam and the Ants

  • Tom


    Tom is an experienced sales and account management professional. With over 6 years in the industry he's a safe and conscientious pair of hands. He loves to play football and moves around the pitch like Eric Cantona. That's Eric Cantona in 2015 not Eric Cantona in 1996.

    Favourite thing - Friday lunchtime treats

    Football Team - Man United

    Weird fact - When he hits a golf ball it usually ends up behind him

Design and Pre-Production Team

  • Alan


    Al pre-presses customer's supplied artwork, adjusting and amending where necessary to facilitate the customer receiving the best quality product. Alan didn't want his true photo shown on the site as he's wanted by several government agencies in connection with playing loud music at unearthly hours and excessive twerking.

    Random Fact - House Flies 'hum' in the key of F and can taste with their feet

    Favourite Animal - the Stoat

    Prized posession - My collection of stamps

  • Daniel


    Dan joined the group in 1998. In the ensuing sixteen years he has morphed into the all round genius and provider known as 'Dan the Man'. Proficient in graphic design, pre-press, software development, 3D animation and rendering, photography, web design, being a top bloke and... awwww hell, pretty much anything he puts his mind to... he manages to pull it off. He's just one of those annoying people that can do that.

    Desert Island Discs - Definitely Maybe by Oasis, Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay & My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

    Most likely to - be the first one to the cookies and cakes on someones birthday

    Most prized possession - A signed football from the 1994 Manchester United team.

  • Kieran


    Kieran arrived at Image three years ago as an ex Yell major accounts/marketing designer to take up a role in our design studio handling pre-press, latex and dye sub printing. He has an expensive habit for old VW’s, and British Classics. He also enjoys a nice bit of heavy metal.

    Desert Island Discs - Lucifers Rocking Chair – Cancer Bats • One – Metallica (all subject to change from hour-to-hour!)

    When I'm not at Image - I can be found attempting to repair/restore my shambling 1930’s house and wishing the weekends were a bit longer

    Pet Hate - Famous for nothing reality TV “Stars”

  • Simon


    In work Simon is as cool as a cucumber and gets his head down until his work is done to perfection. Outside of work he does as little as possible so as to keep those talented fingers rested.

    Most likely to - be the last one up in the morning

    Couldn’t live without - his Xbox and takeaways

    Random fact - No matter what I eat I never put on a pound!

Finance and Admin Team

  • Diane


    Diane started working in our finance/accounts team in 2015. She also works part-time at a local high school as an exams invigilator. She's married to Sean and has two grown up children, both at university. She has two pets, a cat and a sausage dog, and enjoys taking them both for a walk together!

    When I'm not in Image - She goes to the Gym

    Couldn't Live Without - Chocolate

    Pet Hate - Traffic

  • Gill


    Gill is our receptionist and has worked for Image since 2000! She has three daughters and they’re all still living at home…just!

    Desert Island discs - Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street, Blondie, Beyonce

    Favourite Film / TV show - I’m a celebrity, get me out of here

    Couldn’t live without - My phone

  • Jess


    Jess joined the Image Group in 2011. After a break in 2016 to go travelling she has returned to us to join our purchasing team. With experience in both Sales and Accounts, Jess brings her knowledge from different departments at The Image Group to the purchasing role. She prides herself on being organised and efficient and maintaining good relationships with suppliers.

    Most likely to - be listening to Radio 2

    Couldn’t live without - A cuppa

    Prized Possession - Complete sex and the city box set!

  • Michael


    Michael is a member of our accounts department. Outside of Image, Mike likes to play golf, football, snooker, poker, badminton and will “occasionally” visit the gym. His middle name is competition, it doesn’t matter what it is, he wants to win!

    Least likely to - make a brew

    Random fact - He wins the Image Group mince pie challenge every year

    Couldn’t live without - Money

  • Sheridan


    Sheridan is our resident purchasing manager. Always looking for good, reliable and trustworthy suppliers.

    Favourite pet - Alfie - my little dog

    Favourite colour - Sky blue like City's home shirt

    Most likely to - Have a gigantic smile

IT Team

  • James


    Having worked in large blue chip organisations as well as small web agencies, James has had an interesting and varied IT career spanning nearly 20 years. In 2012 he landed at the Image Group and has called it "home" ever since. He's mostly keeping things working, writing code and telling people to switch it off and on again. Outside of work, James is an avid science fiction fan (no surprise there!), but also loves horror and thriller movies, going to the gym and playing the piano. Occasionally he's been known to sing on karaoke but that's just between me and you!

    On the Enterprise... - He'd be in engineering (next generation type though, as "red-shirts" always die on away missions)

    Most likely to - Laugh at really inappropriate moments.

    Pet hate - Supermarkets.

Production and Installation Team

  • Adam


    Adam says he's the "Main Guy" here at Image! He works as one of our production shift managers, but having worked in most departments he has vast experience of the business. Being 6'4" it's hard to miss him, and he's got the personality to match! He's a typical short tempered Aries but has an awesome sense of humour and can often be found making his colleagues laugh. He's also a big Ibiza fan #ladsontour.

    Favourite Film - Forrest Gump

    Random Fact - Putting your socks on before your undies is the weirdest thing

    When I'm not at Image - What?

  • Andy


    Andy (AKA "Big Man") is part of our Production Team running the printers here at Image and has been with the company for nearly 10 years. Outside of work he likes to travel and spend time with his family. He's a pretty quiet guy in work but get a few beers in him and there's no shutting him up!

    Couldn't live without - Food - he loves to eat!

    When I'm not at Image - He likes going to the gym and Thai Boxing which he's currently training to compete.

    Random fact - He's got a degree in Graphic Design from Blackpool & the Fylde college.

  • Bob


    Bob is an all round super hero at Image Group. When not in work he enjoys walking the dog, playing and watching football, spending time with the family and going out for meals. His nickname is "Wrecking Ball' as this term reflects his running style on the football pitch.

    Favourite TV Show - Fringe

    When I'm not at Image - I’m thinking about Image

    Couldn't live without - My phone

  • Craig


    Craig works in our production team running, managing and some would say 'loving' our suite of large format Vutek printers. Outside work he enjoys walking the dog, visiting one or two (or more) pubs and socialising with friends and family. Also a mad Man City fan, regular marathon runner with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

    Favourite TV - Anything on sport channels

    When I'm not at Image - He likes getting away in his caravan

    Random fact (According to Craig) - He's a baby faced ninja.

  • Danny


    Danny is a shy sort and wasn't keen for his photo to be taken, hence the Phil Mitchell photo. It’s not a bad resemblance and they’re also similar in that they’re both “lads”. The main differences being that Danny smiles more, doesn't run a garage in Albert Square and he does’t have a twin brother. He’s also a big united fan and he likes his ale.

    Favourite Film/TV Show - Eastenders

    When I’m not at Image - I enjoy playing Phil Mitchell in Eastenders

    Most Prized Possession - My BAFTA award for best actor

  • Daz


    A career professional with over 18 years sign fitting experience. Daz is a crucial member of our customer facing installation team bringing flexibility and creative solutions to our customers needs. Always calm and guaranteed to apply common sense making your job easier. His only drawback is 'those shorts' in the summer months. Thank goodness for the autumn, winter and the spring.

    Favourite sport - Rugby then football

    Least likely to - Panic

    Can't live without - Family and camping

  • Lee
    'LJ' Mifsud

    'LJ' Mifsud

    LJ works in our Production Team and has recently moved up to assistant production manager taking responsibility for one of our double day shifts. He likes music, wearing hats and being generally intelligent.

    First Record - Year 8 long jump

    Random fact - He knows karate, kung-fu, taekwondo, and at least five other Asian-sounding words

    Desert Island Discs - Soulwax - Nite Versions. Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor. J Dilla – Donuts.

  • Martin


    Martin, being Jonny's brother, joined Image Group in February 2015 so is still fairy new! He's been enjoying getting to grips with the job. His hobbies include football coaching, tennis, lying on the beach (the latter being his favourite!)

    Desert Island Discs - Eagles - Greatest hits (1971-1973) • Elvis Presley - Greatest Hits • Billy Joel - Live at LA bowl

    First Record - Adam Faith - What do you want . Bought at a jumble sale for 10d (old money)

    Favourite Film / TV - Film - Shawshank Redemption • TV - The good wife

  • Matt


    Matty is a hard working member of our production team. When he's not in work he enjoys reading, spending time working on cars, going to the pub with friends and geeking it up playing his PlayStation.

    Random Fact - "I love Lamp" (Brick Tamland from Anchorman)

    Desert Island Discs - Raft Building for Dummys - Narrated by Morgan Freeman • Lupe Fiasco - The cool • Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP

    Favourite Film - Anchorman

  • Phil


    Phil is a big big blue - Manchester City stamped through and through. An experienced sign professional with over 35 years experience. Phil has seen most things and brings a quiet, controlled presence to our installation team.

  • Rob


    Rob recently joined our production team moving over from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea called Sicily. A bit of a mystery man. He says he's left his 'family' to see the world.

    Favourite TV programme - The Sopranos

    Favourite film - The Godfather

    Favourite food - Meatballs in spaghetti

  • Tim


    Couldn't live without - Music and cider (lots of it!)

    Random fact - The smell of bleach makes him physically sick

    Pet Hates - Reality shows like X-factor

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